Reiki Meditation



The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself, everything that you want, you already are.


“Reiki is an energy healing modality that has been used therapeutically in hospitals, retreats and private practices for many years. The benefits of reiki range from feeling more relaxed, to improved pain management, to moving forward from areas of life that may have become stagnant, or blocked. 

While holding a safe space for clients, I find they benefit in two ways. Clients mention feeling more balanced, grounded and at peace in mind and body. Secondly, they receive clarity around certain questions and self doubts, enabling them to let go of beliefs that have been holding them back. Often, this clarity comes from messages I receive from their guides above, visuals, healing colours or mindful words.

Is it time to gently heal within, and re-connect with your inner Universe?”

Jaye Carcary – Accredited Reiki Practitioner

A few of the many benefits of reiki energy healing.


Calm the internal ‘monkey mind’.

Manifest new thought patterns.

Raise your positive energy vibrations.


Reduce feelings of pain, fatigue nausea.

Accelerate the natural regenerative process.

Clear blockages and balance the chakra’s.


Align mind, body, soul.

Live in a state of effortless flow.

Receive messages from above.

Private REIKI meditation Sessions

When you align mind, body and soul… the armour that’s been holding you back simply drops away.

A reiki energy healing session with Jaye begins with a grounding five minute meditation, gently guiding you into the present moment, grounding mind and body. The session gently flows into a relaxing forty minute energy healing session, as I facilitate a connection between your healing universal energy and seven chakra’s. During this time, any blockages or limiting beliefs held in your mental, physical and spiritual bodies are nurtured and released. These blockages are commonly known to build up over time, restricting your ability to live in effortless flow and good health. Tending to and releasing these blockages allows you to re-connect with your inner truth, your authentic self, as the protective armour that once served you is cleared.

I look forward to working with you on your healing journey within.

Location: Paddington, Sydney.
Duration: 1 hour.
Investment: $100.
Payment: Paypal, Credit Card.

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“The session really helped me start moving forward with a much lighter energy. I let go of some fears and negativity. Jaye, thank you for sharing your healing gift.”

Tyler – Writer

“My first Reiki session with Jaye was via long distance. During this session a calmness came over me. My second reiki session was in person, I could sense the different areas being worked on, and I went into a meditative state – feeling totally unaware Jaye was in the room. Once again I felt calm and relaxed. Since I have Crohn’s disease I will be continuing with these sessions”.

Julie – Mother

“Jaye Carcary’s hands are like cosmic satellite dishes.”

Luke – Illustrator

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