Kind words from kind souls.

Workplace Meditation

“Jaye has the most genuine and calming presence. We’ve been fortunate enough to have him run meditation for us once a week at General Pants Co. No matter how much I have on, I always make time to go. After meditation I leave the session, energised, focused, I have clear thoughts and my productivity is through the roof – if only we had you every day!”
Michelle – GM Human Resource

“I can see a difference from when I started to now. I CAN NOW SIT STILL! I’m really happy with the LTM Program, and thought Jaye was great.”
Maddy – Account Manager

“I enjoyed learning something new. It’s a brain detox. A great start to the day! I only wish I could have attended all 12 sessions”.
Ali – Executive Creative Director

“Jaye’s meditation program was extremely beneficial to our whole team. I found myself looking forward to every single session and could see the benefits from day one”.
Ashleigh – Senior Strategist

“The LTM program has had a great effect on both my work and personal life and I’ve incorporated the tools I’ve learnt into my daily routine. Jaye is a wonderful teacher with a great energy and passion. I would recommend this program to anyone”.
Alex – Policy Officer

“The workplace meditation program taught me valuable techniques to increase focus, mindfulness and calm in the workplace as well as everyday life. Jaye has a brilliant sense of calm about him, which greatly assisted us to switch into meditation mode each class”.
Chelsea – Strategist

“Awesomeness!!!! I enjoyed every moment, and look forward to Jaye returning for more meditation sessions soon”.


“This was my first experience with meditation, and I felt well guided at all times. Jaye’s voice is strong and clear, holding the space well”.
Amber – Manager

“Jaye’s nurturing meditation at my Mother Blessing enveloped the room in love and support, he provided a enriching, uplifting experience for myself and those closest to me. Jaye is an excellent model of what he teaches, light, inspiring and intuitive.”
Amanda – Photographer

“I haven’t done much meditation before, but Jaye has such a soothing voice which really helped you tune inwards”.
May – Naturopath

“During the meditation, there was a point where my awareness was so acute, my mind was completely blank. But then, I acknowledged it and I was like… f*** yeah, wow, transcend!”
Dave – Small Business Owner

“Great discussions post the meditations, Jaye really helped consolidate the experience, allowing me to recognise the value of each session and the techniques used”.
Ruby – Model

“I enjoyed learning meditation from Jaye. Very down to earth guy. I feel meditation is a great activity for tackling stress”.

“I really liked being given tools to help with distractions of the mind”.
Louis – Account Director

“Beautiful nature, voice and style of meditation. Jaye is perfect for the job”.
Jordan – Student

“I trusted Jaye instantly, and was relaxed far quicker than I have been in quite a while”.
Bernadette – Editor


“Subtle yet powerful. Jaye’s electric hands and thoughtful words create a truly wonderful healing experience.”
Amanda – Photographer

“Jaye Carcary’s hands are like cosmic satellite dishes.”
Luke – Illustrator

“My first reiki session with Jaye was via long distance. During this session a calmness came over me, I felt peaceful and relaxed, so relaxed I fell asleep for 1hr! When I woke the relaxed feeling lasted for quite a while. My second reiki session was in person, I could feel the different areas being worked on and I went into a meditative state – feeling totally unaware Jaye was in the room. Once again, when the session had finished, I felt calm and relaxed. As I have Crohn’s disease I will continue with this treatment and am sure I will continue to benefit both mentally and physically.”
Julie – Mother

“The reiki was absolutely incredible, divine energy.”

“The session really helped me start moving forward with a much lighter energy. I let go of some fears and negativity. Jaye, thank you for sharing your healing gift.”
Tyler – Writer

“A truly calming soul with great healing abilities. An intensely amazing first session.”
Macarena – Art Director

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